One of Many Useful Clash of Clans Tips

One of Many Useful Clash of Clans Tips


Have you heard of Clash of Clans? What am I kidding, unless you have been living under a rock, or don’t enjoy video games at all, you probably have. Clash of Clans is a game made popular because of its easy to learn gameplay. Free to play on mobile devices, Clash of Clans is a great way to experiment with town layout and defensive arrangements.


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In addition, it combines solo play with a clan aspect, meaning that you can work with others towards greater and greater objectives. All of this being said, Clash of Clans can be a challenging game to master. So, lets take a look at a one of the most useful Clash of Clans tips.





Walls are central to Clash of Clans. They represent your primary means of defense. Every enemy has a mechanic regarding them. The shape of your walls will make all the difference between a person selecting your base to attack or otherwise leaving your base alone. In addition, bad wall placement may make it very easy for an enemy to take all your resources. So, how should you design your walls and what should you consider when designing them?


The easiest thing you can do is to make sure that there are no spawnable tiles within your walls. While this may be a no brainer, there is no end to the people who build their walls right up to the edge of their land, making that part of their defense easy to overcome. While we are pointing out the obvious, you should make sure there are no holes in your first line of defense.


While some people focus on enclosing all of their buildings in a single great wall, it may be better for your defense to compartmentalize where you place your buildings. This will allow you to control the situation, even when enemies breach your walls. Think of it like a ship. A ship with a single hole will sink if it is breached. A ship with 2 or more may not sink if one of the holes is breached.

As a final thing to consider, remember that not all buildings need to be behind your walls. Prioritize the ones that really matter, and leave the rest around the borders of your wall. Try not to place them directly again the outer wall as well.





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Clash of clans guide and review. Clash of clans game was launched first in 2012 in canada and USA.It was a huge success  and after the initial launch , it was presented in other markets also. The game is mainly divided in several sectors like Troops,buildings , resources,clan wars , etc.In the game the troops are divided in more units like Barbarians , Archers , goblins , dragons ,giants etc. You can also have Special units named Heros that are composed of Barbarian king , Archer queen etc. They can be used by the player only if they are summoned by an alter . You can’t train them into the soldier barracks.


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The buildings in the game are used either for defence , or to train troops,or to gather resources as gems,elixirs etc.Also there is a special category of defensive buildings that are used to protect your base from the other players . The major component of the game it’s called Clan wars. In the gameplay of clash of clans , the clans are facing off against each other. The clan leaders can start wars agains other clans ruled by different people worldwide, then the clans has a preparing war day and the final war dat where they basically battle.The players are limited to only 2 wars per clan , and if they win they can receive stars .The stars are used to unblock new rewards like gems ,elixirs etc.The gems are the most important resources in this game, they can be unlocked when you defeat other players or when you make special missions. Or you can buy them. They are  verry useful because you can train or build troops and buildings allot faster when you use them. The players that has large resources of gems can use the advantage to take the control allot faster then the normal players. Supercell recommends you to buy them but they are expensive and not every one can afford the price. Being in demand of gems our programers team developed a program named clash of clans hack . This software basicly connects to the supercell database and using your username it modifies the values in the database for the gems item. We didn’t set any price for our clash of clans hack tool , we left it free and we provide monthly updates to it. We do not recommend to abuse it. It’s more pleasent to play the game without the clash of clans hack but not every one can afford to buy gems.

Being so popular Clash of clans has received generally positive reviews . The game has a score of 4.5 of 5 possible and 80 % on game rankings leaderboard.Allot of people also where impressed by the quality score of the game. Even if the gameplay was heavy and encouraged people to buy gems , our program changed the game. Clash of clans hack tool it’s the most impressive addition that a user can have it.Easy to use and implement,and the most important thing that it’s totally free. So now the kids won’t bother their parents again to buy them the expensive gems.